We leverage advanced analytics to produce evidence-led, commercially linked conclusions that transform our clients’ data into a strategic asset.

Complex and challenging data
We take large, unusual or unstructured data sets and turn them into useful, usable information. By converting unwieldy information into a common language, we help our clients unlock the power of their data and understand their most pressing business issues.

Predictive analytics
Our data science team works in collaboration with management teams and investors to help them make data-driven business decisions. We group complex data sets and create predictive models that make reliable forecasts on a risk adjusted basis.

Sector Lead For more information, contact:
Liam McGuiness
Liam McGuinness +44 20 3829 2765
Liam leads CIL's consumer practice and heads our internal knowledge management and collaboration practice. He oversees a team of data scientists that work across client projects.
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