A travel business wanted to identify customer sentiment towards their brand and compare this to that of its closest competitors.

CIL worked through online review sources to establish a digital voice of the customer. Over 15,000 online reviews were obtained from multiple websites covering a range of factors.

This included a mixture of quantitative and qualitative information. The qualitative information was mined for sentiment and performance trends over time were identified for the business and each of its competitors.

Social media sentiment analysis was also completed, which assessed the business’ share of online interest over time by analysing all social posts relating to the business and its competitors in a two-week period.

The resulting report of this analysis allowed the business to understand how it was performing relative to its competition and provided a clear customer opinion on its strengths and areas of differentiation. We were able to identify and demonstrate areas where the competition was significantly outperforming the business and proactively suggest ways that the business could become more competitive in these areas. As a result of CIL’s work the business was able to secure additional investment.